An exploration of human relationship.

Take out the I and the You out of the Relationship.

For many years the idea photographing of two empty chairs has followed me. Many relationships made me think of the chairs. And I’d keep setting them aside.

But a few weeks after my father died I drove past these two chairs, sitting on a curb outside a second-hand shop, and I thought, if not now, then when?

I drove away without the chairs. When they were still there the next day I stopped and asked how much they were. When they were still there the next day I offered the owners half what they were asking. I drove home with the chairs. Which stayed in the boot of the car for more than a week.

I’d been ill, and one day, with a fever raging, I dragged the chairs and my camera down a path through the sand dunes to a deserted part of the beach. The light was hard and I had to lie down a few times, but I shot the chairs, took them home and graded them. The images looked pretty much how I’d always thought they would.

I felt a lot of things when I looked at them. Some of them sad. Sometimes the perpetrator, sometimes the victim. About being equal in relationship and how to stand in our power and let someone else stand in theirs.

About love and of the residue we leave behind.

Then 2 weeks later it felt like everyone in the world went into physical isolation. And it added a new layer to the empty chairs.

So many chairs left empty in places where we would normally come together. What is the story that those chairs tell?

Many of those chairs will remain empty, and that is breaking my heart.

But when the rest of us finally get to go back and sit together, what is the new story we are going to tell?

With lots of Love…