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The Love Picture Company

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, making short-form doccies, music videos, promos & art, with love:)


Nik Rabinowitz’ Water PSA

1 of 2 viral videos on saving water in the drought. Over 100000 FB views in the first 3 weeks of release as well as untold sharing on other platforms.

Client: FLOW – For Love of Water (South Africa)

Role: Editing

DanceLove: Human Nature

What it’s about: For this video I wanted to make a piece that shows what it can feel like to dance and drop into a particular state of consciousness – specifically that feeling of connectedness/oneness with nature.


Roles: Conceptualising Artist, Producing, Directing, Camerawork (DOP) & Editing

Mndwaka Dam Project

1 of 8 short documentaries showcasing South Africa’s Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) using labour to build infrastructure as a means for poverty alleviation.

Client: The United Nation’s International Labour Organization

Roles: Producing, Directing & Camerawork (DOP)


A 3-part documentary series interviewing well-respected South Africans (such as Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Justice Albie Sachs, Prince Mangasotho Buthelezi,  Zakes Mda, Chester Williams, Sibongile Khumalo and Ahmed Kathrada) about their mothers.

Clients: Prof. Marion Kiem & The National Lottery (South Africa)

Roles: Producing, Camerawork & Editing

Intuitive Piano Playing

Olivia Colboc talks about her intuitive relationship with the piano – good for all artists, musicians and music appreciators.

Client: Olivia Colboc (France)

Roles: Producing, Directing (DOP), Camerawork & Editing

Riding the Bus

Short documentary about riding the bus in the Western Cape and how it is subsidized.

Client: The Western Cape Government/ The University of Stellenbosch (South Africa)

Roles: Producing, Directing & Editing

UCT Upstarts

1 of many weekly update videos for the social innovation education series (this one features John Sanei).

Client: University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business (South Africa)

Roles: Camerawork, Directing (DOP) and Editing

The Wild Well Project

Instagram promo video.

Client: The Wild Well Project (UK)

Roles: Producing, Directing, Camerawork (DOP) & Editing

+27 Social Innovators: Live Mag

TV episode for the Redbull Amaphiko series on social innovation about Live Magazine project.

Clients: Redbull International (Austria)/Makhulu/FixerFilm (South Africa)

Role: Directing

Integrative Medicine

What is Integrative Medicine? Explainer video

Client: Dr. Bernard Brom, MbCHB & Founder of South African Society for Integrative Medicine (South Africa)

Roles: Producing, Directing, Camerawork (DOP – Interviews Only) & Editing

Holy Contract

Snippets from a movie, shot in 2 takes.

Client: Urban Think Tank (Switzerland)

Roles: Camerawork (DOP) and Editing

RUBRO – The magic ingredient

Product story for South African rooibos iced tea company.

Client: RUBRO Drinks

Roles: Producing, Directing, Camerawork & Editing

How to make your own Handsanitizer

Explainer video with Jade, from Low impact Living.

Roles: Producing, Directing, Camerawork (DOP) & Editing

Alchemical Objets D’arts

Short promo for chocolate artist, Heather Thompson.

Roles: Camerawork (DOP) & Editing

Ubulungiswa (Justice)

Collaborative art project about justice in South Africa with multi-screened audio-visual installation. Screened at Michaelis (Cape Town, SA), AVA Gallery (Cape Town, SA), Alexander Art Festival (Johannesburg, SA), Chale Wote (Accra, Ghana)

Role: Editing

About Jolene Cartmill
About Jolene Cartmill

Studied Film & Television Production, specialized in Directing Music Videos, then trained in Editing and honed skills working as a documentary & promo freelance director, (award-winning) editor & camera operator for many years. Joined the collective Greenhouse Media, and then started The Love Picture Company.